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If you wish to buy publications from the SFS webshop, please register as a user. Publication references and price information can be viewed without a user account or signing in. All customer information is handled confidentially. The contact information given when placing the order is used for delivery of the order, resolving possible issues with the order and for maintaining the customer relationship. The principles of customer information and personal data can be found in detail from Privacy Policy.

  • Find publications with the webshop search or use the publisher menus at the top of the page to browse product groups. We recommend you use only numbers when searching with the standard ID. You can also search with words. You can get more results by pressing enter or the find -button.
  • Click the standard ID or title to view additional publication information. The reference includes scope, ICS group, relationships, date of confirmation, edition, page count, language and the technical committee responsible for the standard. A table of contents and/or a preview is available for some standards.
  • Please see the drop-down menu for all available delivery methods for a product.
  • Add publication(s) to Cart.
  • Go to Cart. You may still change the order and the delivery method. The default number of users for pdf standards is one. If you wish to purchase the publication for more than one user, increase the number of copies in the cart. Please note that delivery costs vary by product. The Cart total is updated to reflect your changes.
  • Click Continue.
  • Review your customer information and select a delivery method.
  • Select a payment method. Read and accept the delivery terms.
  • Click the pay/accept button to continue.

You will now proceed to payment. Follow the instructions. You will be returned to the SFS webshop automatically. If you have chosen to purchase standards with delivery method Download, you are now able to save the standards on your workstation. The download-link remains active in Purchase history for 72 hours.

A receipt from your purchase will be sent to your email address.

Detailed instructions on using the SFS webshop

1. SFS webshop selection

In the SFS webshop, you can search for information on standards and SFS handbooks, order products and download most SFS, ISO, IEC and ASTM standards to your local computer. In addition to the standards, you can purchase technical reports (TR) and specifications (TS) and CWA documents as PDF files.

You can also view the references of some publications that are not available for download. For more information regarding the availability of these standards, please contact SFS customer service ( or tel. 09 1499 3353).

1.1 Downloadable standards

You can download the following items from the SFS webshop:

  • SFS standards published by SFS
  • Technical specifications (CEN/TS, ISO/TS) and technical reports (CEN/TR, ISO/TR) by CEN and ISO
  • ISO standards published by the International Organization for Standardization
  • IEC standards published by the International Electrotechnical Commission.
  • ASTM standards published by ASTM International.

Downloadable standards are provided as PDF files. They can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program can be downloaded for free from Adobe's website. We recommend using version Acrobat X or newer.

The default number of users for pdf standards is one. If you wish to purchase the publication for more than one user, increase the number of copies in the cart.

Downloaded standards are watermarked with the buyer's name and the date of purchase.

SFS handbooks and some SFS guidebooks cannot be downloaded from the webshop.

Note! Any corrections to the standards are free of charge. You can download the correction from the preview function in the correction's product card.

1.2 Printed standards

All standards can also be purchased as printed versions. Printed SFS handbooks are also available in the webshop. Some handbooks are available as PDF for one user. The webshop does not include all standards from abroad but they can be ordered by contacting SFS customer service ( or 09 1499 3353).

1.3 Withdrawn standards

You can view the references of withdrawn standards in the webshop. If a withdrawn standard has been replaced with another standard, its ID is displayed in the reference of the withdrawn standard. Most withdrawn standards are available for purchase from the SFS webshop.

1.4 Standards from abroad and other products

Most standards from abroad do not have their reference available in the SFS webshop. These can be ordered with the feedback form or by contacting our customer service ( or tel. 09 1499 3353). Please note that ISO and IEC standards are an exception; their information is displayed in the SFS webshop and they are available for order in the webshop.

For more information, please contact our customer service.

2. Terms of sale and delivery

The publication reference should be checked carefully before placing an order. SFS does not refund erroneous orders where the product reference is correct and the customer has received the product specified in the order. Any changes to mail delivery orders can be made by contacting SFS customer service during the date of the order (tel. 09 1499 3353 or

Once a local copy of a standard has been downloaded, it cannot be returned.

Mail or e-mail deliveries where SFS has failed to fulfil the order accordingly are considered acceptable cancellations. If the order has been damaged during delivery, a complaint must be filed with the carrier company immediately. Consumers have 14 days to cancel their order.

3. Delivery and payment methods

3.1 Downloadable standards

Payment methods available for the SFS webshop downloadable standards include Finnish debit and credit cards and Finnish online bank payments. The standards are available for download immediately after the payment has been completed. If you wish to download a standard from the webshop, select Download as the delivery method. They can be downloaded at any time by a user signed in to the webshop. If your download history is empty, the download period has expired or the purchase has not been completed.

Any standards downloaded from the webshop should be stored on a workstation within three days (72 h) of the purchase. After this time period, it is no longer available for download but you can view a list of your purchases. SFS does not issue refunds for standards that have not been downloaded. Any standards downloaded from the webshop can only be used in as many workstations as specified in the order. They may not be stored in a company network. Online use always requires a written agreement with SFS.

If you experience issues, please contact SFS customer service (by phone 09 1499 3353 or by e-mail at Our customer service is open weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

3.2 Printed standards and handbooks

In-store products are usually delivered the next business day. The delivery time for other products varies from 1 to 4 weeks. SFS is not responsible for delayed deliveries caused by force majeure or any damage due to delayed delivery. Payment methods available for printed publications include invoice, cash on delivery, card payments and online bank payments. Card payments and online bank payments are not available for some retail publications from abroad.

Delivery costs are added according to the weight of the order.