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SFS Shop

This website is a web shop and online subscription service owned and managed by the Finnish Standards Association SFS. This website is intended mainly for standards' users but also for anyone looking for a standard.

The website is both in Finnish and in English. Through SFS webshop you can search our full list of SFS, ISO, and IEC standards, SFS Handbooks and other publications.

In the webshop it is possible to place orders for publications, and to purchase most SFS, ISO and IEC standards as a download in PDF format.

SFS Online

The SFS Online service is operated as an internet service at The customer chooses a collection of SFS, ISO or IEC standards for use through the service. The service is updated weekly. However, the collection of standards included in the customer's license are only updated when new standards are published for the said collection or when the standards are amended or supplemented. The superseded versions of the standards may be used by the customer through the service during the agreement term.

SFS limits access to the service by IP recognition and/or a user name and password.

The customer shall have a limited license for the simultaneous use of the standards for their own internal activities. The users to whom the license applies may use the standards or copies thereof for the internal administration, business or research activities for example, for producing reports or training or preparatory tasks. With reference to simultaneous users, the license covers:

a) the reading and viewing of standards on a computer screen
b) the saving of electronic copies of the standard onto the hard drive of a computer
c) the printing of paper copies of individual standards.

Users to whom the license applies have the right to give paper copies of individual standards to a different person or department at the customer organization for the purposes of internal activities and the organisation's own training, planning or other production work.

The number of paper copies of the standard may be restricted.

Standards or their copies must not be given to parties other than the customer included in the agreement, including for the purposes of making copies or for private or personal use. For example, copies of standards shall not be provided as an appendix to a call for tenders, an offer or possible marketing material.ine service may require cookies to function correctly.


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