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Access to two eInvoicing publications sponsored by the European Commission

Access to two publications on e-Invoicing, SFS-EN 16931-1:2017 and CEN/TS 16931-2:2017, is sponsored by the European Commission. If you wish to download the publications, please log in the SFS webshop. The log-in is requed for watermarking the publications and for reporting the usage of the publications to CEN and the EU.

If you do not yet have the user ID for SFS webshop, you need to register in the service.

After login you can download the publications at the information page of each publication by clicking Open.

CEN and the European Commission have signed, on an exceptional basis, a Licence Agreement for the sponsored access to two CEN technical publications on e-Invoicing, SFS-EN 16931-1:2017:en and CEN/TS 16931-2:2017:en. Standard SFS-EN 16931-1 was amended in November 2019 as SFS-EN 16931-1:2017:en + A1:2019:en.

The two deliverables enable cross-border, cross sector and domestic trade in Europe by ensuring interoperability for the electronic invoicing in public procurement. Additionally, they support the implementation of the Directive 2014/55/EU on “Electronic Invoicing in public procurement" by offering guidance to the users at national level with regard to the essential elements that an electronic invoice shall consider for the purpose of compliance with the relevant legal provisions. Hence, the use of the two CEN publications can offer presumption of conformity with some of the legal requirements of the Directive. Please read more on at