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SFS 6002 Safety at electrical work available in English also

The standard SFS 6002 consists both the European requirements of SFS-EN 50110-1:2013 as well as the Finnish National requirements.

Mandatory rules and regulations on electrical safety at the electrical work have been given in the National legislation. SFS 6002 has been ratified to be in line with the national regulations. The national safety regulations are considered to be met by following SFS 6002.

SFS 6002 gives requirements for operating of electrical installations and for work in electrical installations or in the vicinity of them. The requirements of the standard shall be applied on all voltage levels both in new and existing electrical installations. This standard does not specify any constructional requirements to the electrical equipment, but it specifies instructions for operation and work in the electrical installation and at its vicinity in the way that the electrical safety requirements are met

The Finnish national amendments include two types of supplements: mandatory additional requirements and Annexes considered as part of the standard and informative instructions and Annexes providing additional information in applying the standard.

The National supplementary requirements and mandatory annexes are part of the body content of the standard and are either based on the national laws or they specify the requirements which shall be followed in Finland. The European standard SFS-EN 50110-1 shall be applied in Finland only by taking both the basic requirements of the EN-standard and the national requirements given in this standard into account. If these requirements are conflicting, the national requirements shall be followed.

Informative supplements and annexes give additional instructions on how the standard shall be applied in the Finnish practice. The informative supplements also provide information of other regulations, which are important for the safety of the electrical work.

SFS 6002:en Safety at electrical work
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