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SFS 5900 Fire precaution of hot works

The revised version of SFS 5900 Fire precatuion of hot works was published in spring 2016. It is available in Finnish, English, Estonian and Russian.This standard covers the prevention of injuries and property damage from hot works performed at temporary work sites.

SFS 5900 describes the required measures for improved fire safety during assembly, maintenance and repair work in which welding, cutting, grinding or any other use of naked flame is involved. It also covers other corresponding activities which involve fire hazards.

This standard serves as a guide for either managing, supervising or performing hot work. The instructions are also applicable to all external contractors and real estate management personnel.

The hot work safety licence presented in this standard should not be seen as a valid substitute for comprehensive safety training and orientation given at the workplace itself.

SFS 5900 Tulitöiden paloturvallisuus
39,00 € (VAT 0%), 48,36 € (VAT 24%)
Published 19.02.2016, language: Finnish
SFS 5900:en Fire precaution of hot works
39,00 € (VAT 0%), 48,36 € (VAT 24%)
Published 19.02.2016, language: English
SFS 5900:2016:ee Tulitöiden paloturvallisuus
57,50 € (VAT 0%), 71,30 € (VAT 24%)
Published 19.02.2016, language: Finnish/English

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