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Acronyms and abbreviations

Here are some of the most common deliverables and their abbreviations

SFS standard is adopted or developed in Finland
EN standard has been adopted or developed in CEN or CENELEC
ISO standard has been developed in ISO (international standard)
IEC standard has been developed in IEC (international standard)

SFS = Finnish Standards association
CEN = European Committee for Standardization
ISO = International Organization for Standardization
IEC = International Electrotehcnical Commission

The letters of identification tell what or which standardization organizations have implemented the standard

SFS-EN European standard implemented in Finland
SFS-ISO International standard implemented in Finland
SFS-EN ISO International standard adopted in Europe and implemented in Finland
SFS-IEC International electrotechnical standard implemented in Finland

Standards can also have amendments and corrigenda that amend or correct it before a full revision is carried out.

A,AMD amedment
+A1 a full standard plus the amendment
COR,AC corrigendum
+ COR 1 a full standard plus the corrigendum

The language of the document is stated on the publication info. Most SFS-EN and SFS-EN ISO documents are in both English and Finnish

:fi the document is in Finnish only
:en the document is in English only
:sv the document is in Swedish only

Standards are the best known deliverables, but there are others as well. Different documents have different statuses and development processes.

CWA CEN Workshop Agreement
TR Technical Report
TS Technical Spesification

For more abbreviations and acronyms, please visit the CEN CENELECwebsite