ISO/TS 22002-2:2013

Prerequisite programmes on food safety -- Part 2: Catering

This part of ISO/TS 22002 specifies the requirements for the design, implementation, and maintenance of prerequisite programmes (PRPs) to assist in controlling food safety hazards in catering. This part of ISO/TS 22002 is applicable to all organizations which are involved in the processing, preparation, distribution, transport, and serving of food and meals and wish to implement PRPs in accordance with the requirements specified in ISO 22000:2005, 7.2. The scope of this part of ISO/TS 22002 includes catering, air catering, railway catering, banquets, among others, in central and satellite units, school and industry dining rooms, hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, food services, and food stores. Users of catering can belong to vulnerable groups, such as children, elderly and/or ill people. In some countries, the term “food services” is used synonymously with catering. The application of this part of ISO/TS 22002 does not exempt the user from compliance with current and applicable legislation. Where local legal requirements are in specified for parameters (temperatures, among others) given in this part of ISO/TS 22002, the local requirements shall be used by the food business. Catering operations are diverse in nature and not all of the requirements specified in this part of ISO/TS 22002 apply to an individual establishment or process. Although the use of this part of ISO/TS 22002 is not mandatory for complying with the requirements in ISO 22000:2005, 7.2, there is a requirement for deviations (exclusions made or alternative measures implemented) to be justified and documented when this part of ISO/TS 22002 is used as reference for the PRPs implemented. It is not intended for such deviations to affect the ability of the organization to comply with the requirements of ISO 22000. This part of ISO/TS 22002 specifies detailed requirements to be considered in relation to ISO 22000:2005, 7.2.3. In addition, this part of ISO/TS 22002 adds other aspects such as product recall procedures which are considered relevant to catering operations. This part of ISO/TS 22002 is intended to be used when establishing, implementing, and maintaining the PRPs specific to the organization(s) in accordance with ISO 22000.
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