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Eurocode 3. Design of steel structures. Part 1-7: Plated structures subject to out of plane loading

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(1)P EN 1993-1-7 provides basic design rules for the structural design of unstiffened and stiffened plates which form part of plated structures such as silos, tanks or containers, that are loaded by out of plane actions. It is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 1993-1-1 and the relevant application standards.
(2) This document defines the design values of the resistances: the partial factor for resistances may be taken from National Annexes of the relevant application standards. Recommended values are given in the relevant application standards.
(3) This Standard is concerned with the requirements for design against the ultimate limit state of:
– plastic collapse;
– cyclic plasticity;
– buckling;
– fatigue.

(4) Overall equilibrium of the structure (sliding, uplifting, overturning) is not included in this Standard, but is treated in EN 1993-1-1. Special considerations for specific applications may be found in the relevant applications parts of EN 1993.
(5) The rules in this Standard refer to plate segments in plated structures which may be stiffened or unstiffened. These plate segments may be individual plates or parts of a plated structure. They are loaded by out of plane actions.
(6) For the verification of unstiffened and stiffened plated structures loaded only by in-plane effects see EN 1993-1-5. In EN 1993-1-7 rules for the interaction between the effects of inplane and out of plane loading are given.
(7) For the design rules for cold formed members and sheeting see EN 1993-1-3.
(8) The temperature range within which the rules of this Standard are allowed to be applied are defined in the relevant application parts of EN 1993.
(9) The rules in this Standard refer to structures constructed in compliance with the execution specification of EN 1090-2.
(10) (...)

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