SFS-EN 50177:en

Stationary electrostatic application equipment for ignitable coating powders - Safety requirements

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1.1 This European Standard specifies the requirements for stationary electrostatic application equipment for ignitable coating powders to be used in explosive atmospheres generated by their own spray cloud. A distinction is made between spraying systems corresponding to EN 50050:2001 and spraying systems designed for higher discharge energies and/or currents. The charging of ignitable coating powder can be achieved by applying high voltage or triboelectrically.
This European Standard also specifies the design-related requirements for a safe operation of the stationary equipment including its electrical installation.
1.2 This European Standard considers three types of electrostatic spraying systems; see 5.1 for more details.
1.3 This European Standard deals with all hazards significant for the electrostatic spraying of coating materials, which could also contain small quantities of added metal particles, if the work is carried out under conditions recommended by the manufacturer. In particular, this includes ignition hazards resulting from the generated explosive atmosphere, and the protection of persons from electric shocks.
1.4 This stationary equipment is classified as equipment of group II, category 2D or category 3D for use in potentially explosive areas of zone 21 or 22, respectively.
NOTE For other safety aspects like
– zone classification of the areas in and around spray booths, see EN 12981:2005,;
– zone classification of other areas with explosive atmosphere, see EN 60079-10-2;
– selection, erection and application of other electrical and non electrical equipment in areas with explosion hazard, see EN 60079 14 and EN 12981:2005,;
– health protection (for instance, noise) see also EN 12981:2005, 5.4 and EN 14462;
– cleaning of spraying areas, see instruction manual of the spraying equipment;
– fire prevention and protection (for instance fire hazards due to other sources) see also EN 12981:2005, 5.6;
– explosion protection system, see EN 12981:2005,;
– dust hazards, see EN 12981:2005, 5.5.
Design-related measures for reducing the generation of noise of the stationary equipment for electrostatic coating are given in EN ISO 11688 1. See also EN 14462.

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